b. 1986, HK.


Raquel Kalil is a designer, artist and food futurist with a background in architecture. She specializes in visual design, experiential systems, digital and printed matter and design for screen and web. Raquel’s studio practice focuses on food rituals, and waste streams culminating in a body of work regarding the future of eating. She embraces both research and intuitive experimentation which allows her to create practical and speculative work that aims to inform and expand realities.

Her work has been presented and consumed at the California Academy of Sciences, O2AA in collaboration with Monica Martinez and Illya Haro, The Institute for the Future, Food Inno Symposium, and most recently at Galeria de la Raza where she exhibited plate-forms that aim to reclaim food knowledge in a concept she calls, La Tierra de comida.  

Raquel holds an MFA in Design from the California College of the Arts and a B.Des in Architecture from the University of Florida. She is currently a Graphic Designer at Frog and is based in San Francisco, CA.