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Et Sens

Et Sens is a luxury mail-order service that transforms meal products in 2027

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Et Sens is a speculative futures service design that illustrates what our relationship with food might look like when food production become scarce and we can no longer access and eat fresh produce. Et Sens emerges as a new human-food interaction that allows people to manipulate their homemade instant meals (Nutri Ba) to make it palatable and  revive the sensations of smelling, tasting and touching real food. 

This work, along with Dump Dining was presented at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, on April 26, 2017 and at Speculative Futures Meetup hosted by Sutherland Labs on August 16, 2017. 



Year 2027

Ten years from now, our relationship with food will be lackluster due to the decline of food production and the demand for consumable meals of 7 billion people. Produce that was once available in grocery stores have become scarce and readily unavailable for daily consumption causing the rise for instant meal products to pave the way as the global diet. The most popular meal replacement, Nutri-Ba, allows individuals to print and consume customised nutritional meals. With this worldwide shift in taste and eating, Nutri Ba solves the problem of feeding everyone, but raises a new desire: what did food smell/taste/look like before?



Delivering lost flavors

In response to the neutralized meals made by Nutri Ba, Et Sens emerges as a luxury culinary service that allows consumers to rekindle smells, textures and flavors from the past. There are three tiers for consumers to choose from:

Tier 1) an olfactory kit to smell extracts from foods of the past

Tier 2) a 3D printer cartridge to blend with your Nutri Ba meal printer

Tier 3) an edible sample of real food, ranging from fruits, nuts, and vegetables

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